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Those doing favour to the Hajj-pilgrim are forgiven


Those doing favour to the Hajj-pilgrim are forgiven

Sayyiduna Abu Haroon
stated: We once went on
the Hajj pilgrimage. When we reached Madinah, we went to
see (Sayyiduna Imam) Hasan After saying Salam
and exchanging greeting, we told him about the journey of
Hajj. At the time of our departure, (Sayyiduna Imam) Hasan
sent four hundred dirhams to each of us. We said to
the dirhams-bringing person, ‘We are rich people and do not
need it.’ He said, ‘You should not return the gift sent to you by
(Sayyiduna Imam) Hasan –
We then came to the court of (Sayyiduna Imam) Hasan
and told him that we were wealthy people.’ He
said: You should not return my good deed [i.e. my
gift]. If I were not currently in such a position, so it (i.e. not
accepting the amount) would be easy for you. I am gifting
this amount for the Hajj pilgrimage. On the day of ‘Arafah,
Allah –
expresses pride to angles about His bondmen [as
befits His glory] and says, ‘My bondmen are present in My
court in a poor condition (i.e. astonished and worried), seeking
My mercy. I make you the witnesses that I have forgiven the
person doing them favour. I have accepted the intercession, for
those mistreating them, made by the one doing them favour.’
Allah –
says it on Friday as well.


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