On demand, where everybody is venerated

On demand, where everybody is venerated.

1 On demand, where everybody is venerated.

Paradise is under the feet of the mother.

2 takes days without me, how many are there?
How can I say my mother is illiterate?

3 Labs have never been distracted.
There is just one mother who does not care about me.

4 I used to walk around the janat orphan during the night.
In the morning when the eye was open Yarro was lying in the mother’s footsteps.
5 That way they wash my crimes.
When the mother is very angry, she is crying.

6 There is no solution for any problem now.
Perhaps no one comes home from her mother’s touch.

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7 Someone found a house, came in somebody’s shop.
I was the youngest in the house, my mother came in my part

8 Do not know why people are unaware of this fact today.
She leaves her mother in old age, she is a boon.

9 No time wasted, my mother, my friend.
I once said that I am scared.

10 mother, what will be your loan from me?
If you are angry, then what will happen to me?

11 Do not know what the mother mixes in flour.
No such bread found anywhere in the house.

12 Mother is everything then in this place.
Who says that there is no paradise in this place.

13 is still alive, my mother, I will not have anything
When I leave home, Dua also walks along.

14 Food items sent by Mane village
Has become stale, but the same is found in the taste by eating food.

15 Until the sunshine remained in the sunshine.
I remained my mother’s last jeweler

16 The elderly have not yet scared from my heart.
As long as the mother keeps awake I will not go home

17 To save yourself from the horrors of accidents.
Mother, we will take your dua just with you.

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