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The lying thief

1. The lying thief
Once, a man stole his cousin’s belongings. The owner caught
the thief in the blessed Ḥaram (in Makkaĥ) and claimed for his
belongings, but the thief responded, ‘You are lying’. The owner
replied, ‘If it is so, then swear an oath.’ Listening to this,
the thief swore (in front of the Holy Ka’baĥ) standing beside
‘Maqām-e-Ibrāĥīm’. Seeing this, the owner raised his hands
for prayer standing between ‘Rukn-e-Yamānī’ and ‘Maqām-e-
Ibrāĥīm’. After a short while, as soon as the owner started
praying, the thief went insane and started screaming and
shrieking, ‘What has happened to me? And what has happened
to the belongings? And what has happened to the owner?’
When this news was heard by Sayyidunā ‘Abdul Muṭṭalib
1 , the blessed grandfather of the Beloved Prophet
1 came, collected the belongings,
handed them over to the owner and went away; whereas the
thief kept running, shrieking, and crying, until he eventually
fell off a mountain and ended up being eaten by wild animals.
(Akhbār Makkaĥ lil-Azraqī, vol. 2, pp. 26)
Thief will be scratched and eaten by two snakes
Dear Madanī children! Never tell a lie; never swear a false oath;
and never steal anyone’s belongings; as all these evils bring
destruction, not only in the worldly life but also in the afterlife.
Sayyidunā Masrūq 
+ has reported, ‘Two snakes are
deputed upon the grave of one who had been alcoholic or thief,
and they would scratch and eat his flesh.’ (Sharḥ-us-Ṣudūr, pp. 172)
2. The lying thief bearing the crooked stick
The most Renowned and Revered Prophet 

! has
said, ‘I saw a person in Hell, who used to steal things belonging
to Ḥujjāj (pilgrims) by using his crooked stick1
, and whenever
people would see him stealing, he would simply say, ‘I am not a
thief! This thing just got entangled with my crooked stick.’ He
was in hellfire leaning against his crooked stick, saying ‘I am a
thief who used to bear a crooked stick.’
(Jam’-ul-Jawāmi’ lis-Suyūṭī, vol. 3, pp. 27, Ḥadīš 7076)
Dear Madanī children! We would neither lie nor steal
. Let’s all proclaim together:
We are at war against lying!
Neither would we lie, nor would make others lie

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