A beggar’s painstaking story

A beggar’s painstaking story

A beggar’s painstaking story

Kajal is a teacher in school and every day he comes to his college bus, and every day a beggar was seen on the bus stand.

He was very old and helpless. Seeing him, this thought came to mind that God would call him.

His eyes were very serious and he used to speak, some people used to talk to him well and some people used to behave badly.

Time passed, one day the mascara did not go and she went to the beggar and said, “Bign uncle, do you still want to live?”

Why are you asking for begging here, why do not you link to God that you should call you. That beggar would be about eighty years old, he was very much on his own.

She asked her name from Kajal and said, “What daughter do you do?” He told that he is a teacher in a college and every day he sees you here.

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He was very thirsty, he would get water from mascara, he immediately gave him water from his bottle, after drinking the water he talked to mascara – son Childhood, youth and old age all come to the world.

Childhood and youth are very good but old age is very bad and it comes to everyone. No one can escape from this; we give people a whole life in earning money and spend each other in hatred and nothing goes in the last except for our good deeds and honesty.

Listening to her, the mascara’s eyes became dull and she left the bottle of water, giving her lunch to her.

Friends, that beggar is absolutely right, we go with our good deeds and not our wealth. Let’s tell this story by going to the comments box of all the people.

The story of the river and the conflict of two friends

Rohit and Kamal were very good friends. Both lived together and used to do whatever they used to do, it was a day’s talk that both were sitting in their village and thinking about doing something, then right then Wright said that Kamal let’s go to the city’s vora, walking on the same path Do something.

Then what the two packed all their belongings and started walking towards the city. But on the way there was a river which came after crossing, the cold season was like the water of the river was like the snow.

The first went to both the rates, but after a little while, Du left the feet of Rohit and then he fell off and he came back and he came back. But the work went on, and after a while, his foot slipped, but the lotus did not stop and it went on.

Rohit started calling him and said that if lotus comes back then he will die.

The lotus was very hematically not stopped, but after a few walk away, it fell again.

Rohit started speaking again. Lotus returned, but was not considered a lotus and after several minutes he reached the other side of the river.

After this Kamal spoke to Rohit, now you too have come as I came in, but Rohit was not getting the courage and said I will not come. Now you should go alone.

I am happy this time and then two friends walked on different paths.

Time passed and lotus became a very big man from his hard work one day and the sick still lives his life in his village, and he now regrets that I wish I had gone with the lotus lot, The work would have been worth it.

Friends, in our life too, it happens that we are unable to do a lot of work and come behind the rate, but only those who take big risk in life. From this story we learn that people should never accept defeat as long as we do not succeed in our purpose. If the story sounds good then the share must definitely be done.

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