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About Picasso – Picasso was a very famous painter born in Spain.

Picasso was a very famous painter born in Spain. His paintings were sold in crores and billions of rupees worldwide … !!

🔶 One day, while passing through the road, a woman looked at Picasso and, incidentally, the woman recognized him. She came running to him and said, ‘Sir, I am your big fan. I like your paintings very much. Will you make a painting for me too … !!? ‘

🔷 Picasso laughingly said, ‘I am empty handed here. I do not have anything. I will make a painting for you again sometime .. !! ‘

🔶 But the woman also stubbornly insisted, ‘Make me a painting now, don’t know if I will be able to meet you later or not’.

🔷 Picasso took out a small paper from his pocket and started making something on it with his pen. Within 10 minutes Picasso made the painting and said, “Take this, this is a million dollar painting.”

🔶 The woman felt strange that Picasso had quickly made a workable painting in just 10 minutes and was saying that there was a million-dollar painting. He took that painting and came home without saying anything .. !!

🔷 He thought Picasso was making him mad. She went to the market and found out the price of that painting. To her great surprise, that painting was actually million dollars … !!

🔶 She ran away once again to Picasso and said, ‘Sir, you were right. This is a million dollar painting. ‘

🔷 Picasso smilingly said, ‘I already told you.’

🔶 The lady said, ‘Sir, you make me your student and teach me to make paintings too. Just like you made a million dollar painting in 10 minutes, so that I can make a good painting in 10 minutes, not just in 10 hours, make me like this. ‘

Picasso laughingly said, ‘This painting, which I have made in 10 minutes … It has taken me 30 years to learn it. I have given 30 years of my life in learning .. !! You two too, will learn .. !!

🔶 The woman continued to stare at Picasso with a speech and a word … !!

About Picasso - Picasso was a very famous painter born in Spain.

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