Any work is successful when it is in the right place

Any work is successful when it is in the right place

Any work is successful when it is in the right place

It is a matter of time that a very big businessman went abroad to do business.

He had a huge water vessel in which he used to carry his goods abroad and take him abroad.

Once upon a visit to a country, its ship’s ship was spoiled.

There were many mechanics in the ship, they all got engaged in the death of Engine.

A lot of time has passed but the ship has not started.

Now all the mechanics had tired of giving up.

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Only then did an old man from there, who used to first do the repair of ships in the youth.

The businessman requested him to repair the ship.

The old man had hanged a large bag on his shoulder in which his tools were.

Now he pulled a hammer from the bag and came to the ship.

He looked down on the engine engine and checked and did nothing.

All the people started to understand that it was late and that the stupid bus engine was being seen.

After a while, the old man came to understand something and hit a hammer on one of the parts of the engine and the engine started.

All the people happily moved from there.

After one week, the dealer got a bill from an old person of Rs 10,000. The businessman was very angry at seeing the bill and said the old man did not do too much and sent such a huge bill.

The trader sent a message to the old man that I explain this bill according to the work.

The old man sent the bill which reads:

Injane injuries – 3 rupees

Identifying the right place – 9988 rupees

Friends, this same thing applies to our life too, any work is successful only if it is done correctly in the right place. Many of us keep thinking of everyday things in a running life, without any thought.

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But do not recognize the right opportunity, right time or right direction. Anyone can do the work, but the work done properly is successful.

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