Benefits of eating onion and garlic

Eating onion-garlic is beneficial,

Benefits of eating onion and garlic

Onion and garlic are two things without which food is incomplete. If you eat both these things with great fervor then there is good news for you. Garlic and onion do not just make food tasty, but also defeat big diseases. These two vegetables have special properties hidden in them.

Eating onion-garlic vegetables reduces the risk of developing rectal cancer. A new study has claimed this. The colon and rectum are parts of the large intestine. A study published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology found that eating onion and garlic vegetables reduced the risk of colorectal cancer by 79 percent.

Eating onion is beneficial when there is a cold or cold. Along with this, onion is very beneficial in arthritis. Massage the mixture with mustard oil and onion juice in arthritis.

Benefits of eating onion and garlic

If the urine stops, take two spoons of onion juice and wheat flour and make a paste. Applying this paste on the stomach after heating it, the complaint will disappear.

Eating onion-garlic is beneficial, the risk of these major diseases is reduced

If there is a complaint of worms in the stomach of the children, then giving the juice of the raw buds of garlic mixed with a glass of milk, the insects die and go out with defecation.
Note- If you have any kind of allergy or are taking any medicine, then consult the doctor before using home remedies.

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