motivational story in English for Success

motivational short story in English

Without any hope, always try to do everything good.
Because someone has said,
Those who sell flowers, smells in their hands.

True friends and enemies are never required to believe,Because;
Your enemy will never believe,
And your real friend will never doubt.

Life is also a picture and there are also fates,
The difference is only of the colors,
The picture made of colors,
And unknowingly, make a fortune.

I will continue to walk on the path, I will become master of the walk,
Either the floor will be found, or else,
I will become a good traveler.

There is only one difference between dreams and goals,
To dream, sleep without effort,
And without effort to sleep without effort.

Do not like anyone without understanding,
And do not let anyone lose without understanding,
Because the fear is in the heart, not in words,
And angry words do not happen in the heart.

Someone asked God,
Who is closest to you in humans?
God said:
Everyone who has the power to take revenge and even then forgives it.

The one who is smiling will have to be raised by pain,
Anything that is going on will surely blossom in its feet,Without light of conflict,
The sesame, which is burning, will be lit in the same way.

If you think that you can do – then you can. If you think that you can not do – you can not do it. And by all means … you are right.

Do not go where the path takes, but rather go there where there is no way, and leave your marks there.

The person who never mistakenly did not try to do something new.

Success comes from experience and experience is achieved with failure.

Complete the difficult task first, the easy task will be done automatically.

Do whatever the mind is saying because the time is not coming again.

Mistakes tell you that you are trying.

When the smile of a few seconds can come good picture,
So why can not life be happy with the life of smiling always.

Words are people’s slaves but, before speaking, and;
After speaking, the person becomes the slave of his words.

Best Inspirational and Motivational.
Mistakes tell you that you are trying

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Best Inspirational and Motivational.
Mistakes tell you that you are trying.

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