Motivational Quotes

Best Motivational Quotes for good thinking, in Hindi and English.

Best Motivational Quotes for good thinking, in Hindi and English.

As long as you have passion and belief inside and ready for hard work, then in the world, you can do any work and get anything.
Friends, the most important thing to get to any destination or destination in your life is your hard work and your patience.
If you work hard and honestly do not lose patience and move towards your destination, then any force in the world and any obstacles can not stop you from succeeding. But sometimes it happens that when we do not get success even after working hard then we leave the effort frustrated. But friends should never disappoint you, but at such times you need to try once more with full force.

Friends have seen many times that due to lack of proper guidance, they go astray from the path of success. At such a time, we need someone or instrument of inspiration for success that will give us energy and enthusiasm to succeed, so that we can get together with more zeal and passion to get our destination again.

In order to motivate you in this sequence and to motivate you to move forward in the path of success, today we have come up with the best ones for you. You will definitely feel inspired by reading these Best Quotes. Hopefully you will love all of these quotas, so let’s start.

“In which there is endurance and who does not frighten by the mahant,
Success is her maid”
“जिसमे धीरज है और जो महेनत से नहीं घबराता,
कामयाबी उसकी दासी है”
“If the past yesterday started putting negative effects on the present,
So tomorrow should be abandoned as a poison”
“बिता हुआ कल अगर वर्तमान पर नकारात्मक प्रभाव डालने लगे,
तो बीते हुए कल को झहर समझकर त्याग देना चाहिए”
“The person who never made a mistake,
He never tried to innovate”
“जिस व्यक्ति ने कभी गलती नहीं की,
उसने कभी नया करने की कोशिश नहीं की”
“Losing becomes necessary when the fight is with the people,
And as much as it becomes necessary when the fight is by yourself”
“हारना तब आवश्यक हो जाता है जब लड़ाई अपनों से हो,
और जितना तब आवश्यक हो जाता है जब लड़ाई अपने आप से हो”
“If you want to relax in life then apply the words of the heart to the heart” “अगर जिंदगी में सुकून चाहते हो तो लोगो की बातो को दिल से लगाना छोर दो”
“The world is happy with those who keep themselves happy” “जो खुद खुश रहते है उनसे दुनिया खुश रहती है”
“Life is not easy, it has to be made easy, with some ‘style’, some ‘eyesight” “जिंदगी आसान नहीं होती, इसे आसान बनाना पड़ता है, कुछ ‘अंदाज’ से, कुछ ‘नजर अंदाज से”
“It is good to be happy with success but,
It is necessary to learn from your failure”
“सफलता की ख़ुशी मनाना अच्छा है पर,
उससे जरुरी है अपनी असफलता से सीख लेना”
“Money will stay with the house and the family crematorium,
Whose work and religion will be with this people as well as in the other world!”
“पैसा घर तक साथ रहेगा और परिवार स्मशान तक,
जबकी कर्म और धर्म इस लोक के साथ परलोक में भी साथ रहेगा”
Success arises from the coolness of the mind,
Cold iron can cut and turn hot iron”
“सफलता मन की शीतलता से उत्पन्न होती है,
ठंडा लोहा ही गर्म लोहे को काट व मोड़ सकता है”
“Nothing gets taken without risk,
And take the risks that are courageous”
“बिना जोखिम उठाये कुछ भी नहीं मिलता,
और जोखिम वही उठाते है जो साहसी होते है”
“Where it is difficult to explain to others, it is better to have them explain” “जहां दूसरों को समझाना मुश्किल हो जाए वहां खुद को समझाना लेना बेहतर होता है”
”To give love to someone is the greatest gift,
And to love someone is the greatest honor”
“किसीको प्रेम देना सबसे बड़ा उपहार है,
और किसीका प्रेम पाना सबसे बड़ा सम्मान है”
“If you do what you have always done, then you will get what you have always met!”

“The crowd always runs on easy roads, not necessarily right. Choose your own roads, you are better than nobody else”

“To succeed, many times we have to get started in the same way, even if the preparation is not complete because it is much better than waiting”

“यदि आप वही करते हैं, जो आप हमेशा से करते आये हैं तो आपको वही मिलेगा, जो हमेशा से मिलता आया है”

“भीड़ हमेशा आसान रस्ते पर चलती है, जरुरी नहीं वो सही है | अपने रस्ते खुद चुनिए, आपको आपसे बेहतर और कोई नहीं जनता”

“कामयाब होने के लिए कई बार हमें जो है उसी में शुरुआत कर लेनी होती है, भले तैयारी पूरी ना हो क्योंकि यह इंतजार करने से काफी बेहतर है”

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