Best Motivational Story: Impossible to test truth without knowledge

Best Motivational Story: Impossible to test truth without knowledge

After the death of a jeweler, his family was in trouble. Had to eat food too.

One day, his wife gave his son a sapphire necklace and said- ‘Son, take it to your uncle’s shop and tell them to sell it and give some money.

Son, he took the necklace and went to uncle.

The uncle looked at the necklace thoroughly and said- ‘Son, tell the mother that the market is very dirty right now. Selling a little, will get good prices. And giving him a small amount of money, he asked you to come and sit at the shop from tomorrow.

From the next day, the boy started going to the shop every day and started learning the work of diamonds and gems there. One day he became a big connoisseur and people came from far and wide to test his diamond.

One day his uncle said, ‘Son, bring that necklace to your mother and say that now the market is very fast, she will get good prices.’

Taking the defeat from his mother, he tested it and found that it was fake. He left her at home and returned to the shop.

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Uncle asked, ‘Did not bring defeat?’
He said, “That was fake.”

Then uncle said- ‘When you had brought the necklace for the first time, then I would have told it to be fake, then you would have thought that we had a bad time today, then uncle started calling our thing fake as well and today when you got knowledge yourself, So it turns out that the necklace is really fake.

The truth is that what we think, see and know in this world without knowledge is all wrong. And by such misunderstandings, relationships deteriorate.

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