Who is the biggest wretched? Stories of Akbar Birbal

Who is the biggest wretched?
Stories of Akbar Birbal

Once Akbar’s bed was being asked for water lying down. There was no special personal servant around. The low-level minor servant who cleansed the trash of the palace, courageously gave the king a glass of water. Akbar saw him in his room and went to the square. But the thirsty was so steep that they could not stop themselves and took water.

Then there Akbar’s special servants arrived. They immediately pulled out the garbage cleaner from the room. And all began to flatter Akbar.

Afternoon happened, Akbar’s stomach was damaged. Hakim was called. But still Akbar’s condition did not improve. Now Raj Vaidya came, along with him was a state astrologer. He said that perhaps there is a bad person lying on you, that is why your health has deteriorated.

Akbar’s emperor immediately got the idea of ​​cleaning the garbage. He said that in the morning I drank water from the person who cleansed that garbage and that is why all this has happened to me. He punished that servant in death. In a short while the soldiers stopped the servant in jail.

When Birbal came to know of this, he went to that servant and console him and said that he would save him.

Birbal immediately went to Akbar and took a sudden turn. Then Akbar told that-

The big wretched of our state has made me sick.

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Hear this Birbal laughing. Then Akbar got angry and said, ‘Are you enjoying seeing my condition?’ So Birbal said that no, Maharaj had to ask one thing. What would you do if I find you a little bigger than that servant? Will you give this servant freedom from punishment? Akbar immediately accepted this condition of Birbal. Asked and asked who is a big wretched servant of that servant?

Now Birbal said, “You are a big fan of the servant himself. Drinking the hands of that servant has spoiled your health, you came to bed. But think of him, he came to quench your thirst. I was feeling miserable. Seeing the appearance of your morning in the morning, he has come on life. He got death sentence. So you are so big a bit wretched by that. Now you will not punish yourself for death. Because we all love you very much. “Listening to this trickery of Birbal, Akbar began to laugh at the bed. At that time, he gave orders to leave the poor servant. And gave him a reward. And state astrologers suggesting the superstitious attitude of mood was given to Munimagiri in horseback.

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