The child will be happy and fit

The child will be happy and fit

If the parents want the child’s health to be healthy, then do not scold him. If you scold the child, his health will get worse and he will be sick even when he is older. That is, the affluent parents will have to behave very well with him to see the child fit. When parents will always treat the child well and have a warm relationship with him, believe it, the child will be happy and fit.Children’s health has always been a matter of concern for every parent, so everyone wants it and tries hard to keep his child healthy. For this, tonic is given to the baby to eat nutritious food and drink. But sometimes the baby is not healthy with nutritious food and tonic. Regarding this, every couple is worried.

This puzzle related to the health of the children has been resolved in the US Research has done. Research in Baylor University in Texas, USA, states that the effect of parental behavior is on children’s health. The people involved in the research have said that if the behavior of the parents is very good with the child, then the child is healthy and growing up, he remains fit.
Mathew Anderson, assistant professor and researcher at Baylor University, said that good relationships with parents can help children to eat, sleep and motivate their daily activity. That’s why people in research have been advised to always keep a good relationship with your child.
In this study, it has been found that if the child’s relationship with the parents is stressful or abusive, then its adverse effect falls on the child’s eating habits and there is no control over the child’s diet.
This is where the child’s health starts getting worse. In such a situation, instead of eating nutritious food, children eat more sugar or more oily dishes and gradually become habituated to eating non-vegetarian food.

The habit of excessive sugar or oily children gets spoiled. Because of this, their daily activities of their daily routine also become irregular.
Having a healthy lifestyle and social, emotional development in children is very important for its longevity.
Parents can not behave well with children in financially vulnerable homes. The effect of such behavior between the parents and the child falls on the child’s health.
Eventually, its effect is seen at the socio-economic level of the child’s growing age, and the child becomes ill and negative.
Likewise, a less educated and weaker economic situation seeks to construct a constructive dialogue rather than threatening or forcefully ordering children, this increases the warmth in their relationships.
The effect of having good parents and good parents in the house is beneficial for their physical health.
Research has also said that if the parents do not have good relations with their child, then its impact affects the child’s health. Not only this, the health of a child born in such an environment is not good even if it is healthy.

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