Children’s brain development is badly affected by the screen-containing devices

Children’s brain development is badly affected by the screen-containing devices


  • The screen-based devices have bad effects on the minds of children.
  • With the birth of many cells in the mind of the children, only the ones destroyed are DESTROYED.
  • Children’s brain capacity and practical understanding are getting affected.Children's brain development is badly affected by the screen-containing devices


Have you ever wondered how often your child uses the screened devices for how long?

Or have you ever wondered what can be the problems of children using more of these devices?

The screened devices include smartphones, laptops, iPads, TVs, computers, etc.

In the past decade, the way the screen devices have been used in people,

its serious consequences have now started to appear.

Nowadays children are surrounded by these devices throughout the day.

Two-three-year-olds have become comfortable to play games on mobile

and laptops, listen to songs, watch videos and operate these devices. Many times,

children become so accustomed to these devices that they start a ruckus if they do not get it.

All of them are having a bad effect on the children so that both children’s brain and body are being blocked.

Let’s tell you how these devices are affecting children.

Limited are advantages but loss is more

It is not that children do not use these devices for the right motives.

Many times, children see and do educational apps, educational television shows and educational activities through these devices, so that their knowledge

grows, as well as improve the confidence in the conference and communication skills.

But limited use of these devices is important.

A research has found that in today’s cities, Teen Age children usually see the screen for 7 to 8 hours.

Children’s brain development is badly affected by the screen-containing devices

Research has found that because of the electronic devices in the screen, the mental and behavioral problems of the children are starting late,

which is causing many problems in the children.

Why does the effect

The purpose of using these devices for children is very good but can not be avoided for its losses.

Now the question arises that even bigger people work on computers throughout the day, then do they not have any effect on them?

So the answer is that even with these devices the effects of adults are different but those effects are different from the effects on children and are less worrisome.

In fact, the development of children’s brain usually runs for 17-18 years after birth. After that the sense goes up, but the pace of inner development of the brain becomes slow.

How does effect

Now, if the child uses these electronic screen devices from childhood, its brain development is affected.

Due to these devices, due to the birth of many important cells developed in the brain, they gradually get destroyed, so that the child is left behind in some

special tasks. The special thing is that most of these cells do not grow again and children may have to spend life with that particular brain distortion.Children’s brain development is badly affected by the screen-containing devices

What can be the problems

The use of these devices is usually the problems the children are having – not focusing on anything, not meditating, not having brain concentrations, things to forget quickly, decrease in decision-

making ability of right-wrong, change in Attitude It is difficult to understand the things of the people, and for this reason

many times there are many problems in adopting the nature of devotion and stubbornness.Children’s brain development is badly affected by the screen-containing devices

Children’s brain

After birth, children’s brain develops rapidly by the age of three. During this time, the mind learns things from the people about things and social beings in terms of things.

The mind that develops during this time works the basis for further development and knowledge of the brain. With natural things, the brain gets a special type of stimulant, which helps in

developing the brain more and more. Things like mobile, laptop and tablet do not have stimuli, so it is fatal for children of this age. Therefore,

children should see, understand, play and learn more and more things during this period.

But in the habit of these devices, children spend the precious time in these devices and these essential knowledge can not get them or get less.

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