Child’s question

Child’s question

Just before birth a child says to God, “Lord, give me a new birth, I know that many bad people live on the earth …. I want to go there …” and by saying this, he is sad sat.

God lovingly enters his head and according to the rules of creation, he explains the importance of being born, the child persistently for some time but on a lot of devotion to God, he becomes ready to take a new birth.

Okay, Lord, if you want me to go to the dead people, then right there, you have to give me a promise before going on. “The child says to God.

God: Say what son do you want?

Child: You swear that as long as I am on the earth, you will be with me every single moment.

God: Of course, it will happen.

Child: But on the earth you become invisible, how will I know if you are with me or not? Lord: Whenever you close your eyes, you will show two pairs of symbols of feet, seeing them, understand that I am with you. Then in a few moments the child is born. After birth, he falls in worldly things and forgets the conversation with God. But when he misses the point of death, he wants to confirm the word of God. He closes his eyes and remembers his life. He sees that two pairs of footprints are visible from the time of his birth. But at the time when he was passing through his worst time, only one pair were showing the footprints at that time, seeing that he was very unhappy that God did not fulfill his promise and left him alone when his most Need more.

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After death, he reached God and cried, “Lord! You said that you would be with me all the time, but in the time of trouble, I saw a couple legs instead of two, why did you leave me with that time? ” God smiled and said, “Son! When you were passing through a terrible calamity then my heart started moving and I lifted you in your lap, so at that time you were showing only signs of my feet. ” Friends, many times there is a bad time in our life, many times it seems that we are going to get very bad, but when we look back later we find that we did not get as bad as we thought, because maybe This is the time when God bestows grace on us. Unknowingly, we think that he is not supporting us, but in reality he has picked us up in his lap.

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