eye care tips for beautiful eyes

eye care tips for beautiful eyes

We all have heard these stories that by eating a carrot, we can see in the dark, but the rains show that in this vegetable, the modu vitamins really improve our night vision. But to improve the eyesight, eating vegetables only will not work. A recent trend shows that other vitamins and minerals are equally important.

OpenedTometrice, a well known source of Francesca Marchetti, O Care Advisory Panel wink, says: “Vitamin A, C and E, omega-3 nutrients like fats and luteins are also needed for better vision”.

“Eye disorders like glaucoma and glaucoma are affected by our eating habits.”

“Increasing the amount of fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables in your diet decreases the possibility of eye diseases in the future.”

These ten foods will increase the health of your eyes:

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