Five home remedies that will relieve the pain and irritation

Five home remedies that will relieve the pain and irritation caused by threading.

Most girls get threading done. After threading, skin irritation and rash occur several times. The problem of burning and rash is found more in those people whose skin is soft. If you also face these problems after threading, then you can reduce the problem of threading by adopting these home remedies.

If there is burning or rash on your skin after threading, then you can apply cucumber in this situation. Keep the cucumber on the burning area for about 2-3 minutes. The cake is cold, so applying it on the burn area gives relief soon.

raw milk:
For example, the use of milk reduces the dryness of your face. Even after threading, your skin becomes dry, in which case you should use raw milk. With the help of cotton, you apply raw milk around your eyebrows. Applying raw milk will remove the dryness of your skin in an instant.

rose water:
You must have heard the benefits of applying rose water. But do you know that if you apply rose water after threading, it will remove the redness of your skin. Not only this, grains are also cured with rose water. Immediately after threading, apply rose water on your skin. This will keep your skin glowing and remove the redness caused by threading.

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Sandalwood also provides many benefits to the skin. You can apply sandalwood paste after threading, this reduces the irritation and pain caused by threading. You make a paste by adding water to sandalwood then apply it on your skin. Apply sandalwood paste on your face for about 15 minutes, then wash it with clean water. After washing the mouth, your burning sensation and pain will not only reduce, but your skin will also be whitened.

After several times threading, rash appear on the skin. In such a situation, if you apply ice at that place, it will make your grains sit and the burning sensation will be reduced.

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