Follow these home remedies to get healthy and glowing skin on Diwali.

glowing skin on Diwali

Follow these home remedies to get healthy and glowing skin on Diwali.

You do not necessarily go to beauty salon to get healthy and glowing skin on Diwali. You can get ready at home by adopting a few home remedies. This will also enhance your skin and you will also be protected from the contamination. The most important thing is that all these things have no side effects and all these things will be found in your kitchen. Let’s know.

According to Beauty Experts, vitamin A should be taken in excess. It will also be easily found in your kitchen. This relieves the development of new skin cells and the signs of old age, that is, wrinkles and blackness on the face. For this you should use dairy products, spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots and eggs.
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Vitamin B3 relieves hyperpigmentation and acne. For this, you should consume potatoes, mushrooms, chicken and peanuts. This makes the skin glowing. Apart from this, vitamin C i.e. Brockley, Tomato, Strawberry, Paprika and Citrus fruits should be consumed. This does not cause wrinkles on the face. Also, pigmentation is also not a problem.

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At the same time, vitamin E i.e. corn, olive oil and sunflower seeds should be consumed. Vitamin E is found in high amounts in these things. This makes the skin radical free. Apart from this, the skin should be cleaned with neem, sandalwood, basil and turmeric. It also prevents damage from pollution.

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