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funny stories of Akbar Birbal

funny stories of Akbar Birbal

Tales of Akbar-Birbal stories have been entertaining us for centuries. Today, we are sharing 5 very entertaining stories with you in a number of such stories.Once, Emperor Akbar bought parrot from a trader. That parrot was very beautiful to see and his dialect was also very sweet. Akbar appointed a servant to guard that parrot, and gave him clear instruction that –

If the parrot dies then you will be sentenced to death. And besides, whoever said to his mouth that ‘the parrot is dead’ he will also be sentenced to death. So keep the parrot better

The servant went to the parrot and went away And began to take care of him with great enthusiasm. He was afraid somewhere that if a parrot of the king is dead then his life will be formed. And then one day it happened. The parrot suddenly died Now the hands of the servant began to flutter. He remembered the words of Emperor Akbar. He ran immediately and went to Birbal. And tell the whole thing.

Birbal watered the servant and said, “Do not worry. I will talk to the king. You just get away from that parrot right now. “

After a while Birbal went to the king alone and said that-By saying so Birbal left the talk incomplete.

Akbar Badshah immediately stood up with the throne and said, what happened? Parrot died?

Birbal said, “I just want to say that your parrot does not open mouth, does not eat, drinks, does not move or does not. It does not move, nor does it fly. His eyes are closed. And he’s lying in his cage. Come and see him. “

Akbar and Birbal went immediately to the parrot.

Hey Birbal ‘Parrot is dead’. You could not tell me this thing at the same time. “Akbar said while being angry.” Where is the guard of that parrot? I will kill him with his sword now. “

Then Birbal said, “I present to the keeper now, but tell me who to call you to give you death.”

“What do you mean?”, Akbar shouted loudly.

“Yes, you said only that anyone who says ‘the parrot is dead’ will also be sentenced to death, and just a moment ago, this was the talk from your own mouth.”Now Akbar realized his mistake.Akbar laughed with this cleverness of Birbal and both of them returned to the laughing heart. Akbar immediately declared that no action will be taken on the servant. Parrot is dead, there is no fault of anyone in it.

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