Goal is a task which we intend to accomplish

Goal is a task which we intend to accomplish

Goal is a task which we intend to accomplish.

If you are asked if you have set some goals for yourself then you can have only two answers: yes or no If the answer is yes then this is a very good thing because most people are spending their lives without any definite goals and you are in a better position than them.

But if there is no answer then it is a matter of concern. For a little reason because even though you do not have any goals now, you can set a goal for yourself by thinking and thinking soon.

Goal is a task which we intend to accomplish.

Take some examples: The goal of a student can be: “Bringing more than 80% marks in final exams.” The goal of a employee can be to get a promotion on the basis of his performance. The goal of a house-wife can be: “Start a home based business.

Goal is a task which we intend to accomplish.

The goal of a blogger can be: “Leading up your blog’s page rank from zero to three” can be the goal of a social worker: “To make all the people of a village literate”

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To move in the right direction: When you get out of the house in the morning, you know where you have to go and you reach there, think if you do not know where you have to go, what will you do?

Only time will be wasted in wandering around. Similarly in this life even if you have not set goals for yourself then your life will continue to run, but when you look back later you may regret that you have not achieved any particular achievement !!

The goal gives the person a right direction. Tells him which work is necessary for him and which is not. If goals are clear, then we prepare ourselves accordingly.

Our subconscious mind inspires us to act accordingly.

If the goal is clear in the mind, the way of getting it starts to appear clearly and the person increases his steps in the same direction.

To make the right use of your energy: Bhagwan has given limited energy and limited time to the person. So it is important that we use it correctly.

The goal inspires us to do exactly the same. If you do any work by keeping your end-goal in mind, then your concentration and energy level is somewhere good.

Goal is a task which we intend to accomplish.

For Example: When you go to a library without reading a particular book, you pick up some books and read their pages and read a few pages, but if you complete a project report If you go for the purpose of doing so, you choose the books of that meaning and fulfill your work. In both cases, you give the same time, but there is a difference in land and sky in your efficiency.

Similarly, if there is no definite goal in life, then we will continue to waste our energy and the result will not be something special.

But on the contrary, when we keep the goal in mind, our energy will be used in the right place and we will get the right results.

To be successful: Ask the same person that he wants to be a successful person. But if you ask him if he will consider himself a successful person, then he will be able to respond to it less confidently. For everyone, the meaning of success is different. And this measure is determined by the goal itself.

If you do not have any goals then you can succeed once more to others, but in your own eyes, how will you decide whether you are successful or not? For this you have to see the goal you have decided.

To overcome the contradiction of your mind: There are many opportunities coming in our life. No one can take advantage of all the opportunities of anybody. We have to never do any of the occasions.

It is natural to have such situations when we can not decide what we should do. In such situations, your goal can guide you. Like my and my wife’s goal is to open a beauty parlor, if today they get two job-offers together, one of which is from a parlor, they will join him without any confusion, even if there Finding less salary in comparison to another offer.

If there is no target in front of it, then we may continue to evaluate all the factors and in the end, maybe more pay will be the deciding factor.

Friends Arnold H. Glasgow’s statement,

Like football, you can not move forward in life as long as you do not know your goal.

I find it absolutely right. So if you have not yet set any goals for yourself then start thinking in this direction. Make goals, make big goals, and get them after you get them!

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