Good fruit is good – story

Good fruit is good – story

Good fruit is good – story: In ancient times there was a king. She was very fond of drawing natural beauty.
One day he went to a high mountain to draw a picture. There he started drawing a very beautiful picture. When the picture was made, he would stand in front of it, staring at it from every angle and correcting it with a brush wherever there was any deficiency in the picture. In the end, he began to retreat one step to find out what the picture looked like from a distance. While retreating, he reached the edge of the hill.

A boy was grazing his sheep nearby. He saw the king retreating. He thought that if the king would retreat even a step, he would fall into a deep valley and die. Thinking that the boy ran to the picture and tore the picture with his stick.

The king was very angry at this mischief of the boy. He grabbed and grabbed the boy. The king shouted angrily, “Fool! What have you done? I will not leave you alive.”
The sheep grazing boy humbly said, “Maharaj, just look back! Look at the deep valley below! If I had not torn this picture, you would have fallen into this valley and you would not have survived.”

The king looked back and was speechless. He thanked the boy for saving his life. The king said to the boy, “Truly, if you had not acted cleverly, my life would not have survived.”

The king then took the boy with him to the palace. He gave a lot of prizes to the boy. The king raised him under his supervision and when he grew up made him his Prime Minister.

Education – Good fruit is good.

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