Heart touching story – Learn to be happy in your life

Learn to be happy in your life

Heart touching story.Learn to be happy in your life

There was a pandit living in a city, Panditji’s nature was very simple and he did not have any greed for anything.

Today, Pandit was going to teach children in the morning, his wife is just a handful of rice for the evening meal and nothing else. Pandit ji did not speak anything, and when the house came back in the evening, his wife gave him food to eat, on this Pandit ji said that this saag is very good. You said that he has brought this from his wife on this morning when I asked you if there is only one hand rice in the house then when you saw the tamarind tree I understood it and I made the tamarind greens Is there. Panditji said on this, now we do not have to worry about food anymore.

When Panditji lived in that city, when the king of that city came to know Panditji’s poverty, then King offered Pandit ji to come to his castle, but Pandit ji refused. The king felt very strange on this and he himself reached Panditji to meet him in a small cottage. When the King reached Panditji’s cottage, after talking for a while he asked – Panditji, you have no problem here or here. On this, Pandit ji said – this thing you asked our wife. Then the king asked his wife – then Panditji’s wife did not talk, so my clothes did not get torn, and Matka too has not broken and there is a tamarind tree too. Therefore, we do not have any problem with the people, we both are very happy in many things. Listening to this, Raj was very happy and went back to his kingdom by bowing down to both of them. Friends, this story teaches us that we learn to be happy in our life. It is not necessary that you have a Raj Mahal and you can stay happy.

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