bring these home remedies on Karva Chauth to improve your face.

home remedies for glowing face

Do not be disturbed if you do not have time to go to the parlor, bring these home remedies on Karva Chauth to improve your face.

Domestic women often do not get a chance to go to the parlor because of work. In such a situation, in order to keep the glow on the face during the festive season, it is important to look for some options that are easy and can also improve the face in a short time. So keeping this problem of women in mind, today we have brought some easy home remedies that she can try and get a parlor like glow, she also sits at home. So let’s know what that recipe is ….

home remedies for glowing face

Lentil Pack:

You must have made lentils too many times to eat. But today we are telling you to apply a pack of lentils on the face. It is very easy to make. Soak a little lentil in raw milk or water for a few hours. When it swells well, grind it in milk and if desired, add a little bit of saffron as well. Now leave this paste on the face and neck. When the paste dries well, wash the face with plain water.

This pack is very helpful in bringing instant glow on the face.

Lemon and Honey:

Massage a few drops of honey and lemon with light hands on the face. Lemon will do the job of removing the dirt on the face. At the same time, honey will moisturize the skin. Massage the face for some time and leave it as is. Now wash the face with water. This simple solution will make your face glow.

Pack of charcoal:

1/2 teaspoon activated charcoal powder, one teaspoon multani mitti, one teaspoon rose water, one teaspoon curd. Mix all these things together well. Now when it becomes a paste, then it will look like a face mask on your face. Apply this paste for about 15 minutes and then wash it with water. This is a good option to bring glow to the face.

Yogurt pack:

If you want instant glow on the face, then yogurt and gram flour pack is the most successful recipe. Make a pack in a spoon of gram flour using a pinch of turmeric and curd and apply it on the face and throat. When the pack dries well, wash it with water. The use of this pack will brighten the face.

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