Honesty win

Honesty win

There was sadness in the beautiful forest around. The forest was surrounded by an unknown disease. Almost all the animals in the forest had lost some of their family members due to this disease. To counter the disease, King Sher Singh of the beautiful forest convenes a meeting.

The meeting was led by Sher Singh himself. In the meeting, all the forest dwellers including Gajjah Hathi, Lamba Giraffe, Akadu Viper, Chimpu Monkey, Gilu Squirrel, Kinnu Rabbis participated. When all the animals were gathered, Sher Singh sat on a tall rock and addressed the forest dwellers and said, “Brothers, due to spread of disease in the forest, we have lost many of our companions, so we have to avoid this disease. One should open a hospital in the forest so that the sick animals can be treated in the forest itself.

On this, the forest dwellers protested and asked where would the money for the hospital come from and the doctors would also need to work in the hospital? On this Sher Singh said, we will all collect this money together. Hearing this, the rabbit stood up and said, “Sir, my two friends are doctors in Champakvan’s hospital, and I will bring them to my hospital.”

This decision was supported by all the wildlife. From the very next day, Gajjah Hathi and Paramu Giraffe started collecting money for the hospital. The hard work of forest dwellers brought color and soon became a hospital in the forest. The Kinnu rabbit invited both his doctor friends, Venu Rabbash and Chinu Rabbit to his hospital. King Sher Singh decided that he would bear half of the hospital expenses and will be collected from half the forest dwellers.

Thus the hospital started walking in the forest. Gradually the disease spread over the forest was overcome. Both doctors serve the patients coming to the hospital, and the patients were also cured and giving thanks to the doctors. For a while, everything went smoothly. But after some time the greed in the mind of Chinu rabbit started to grow. He called the vinu rabbit to him and said that if both of them meet together to sell the hospital’s medicines in the second one and go to the night to see the patients of the other forest, they can earn good and nobody will know this.

Venu Rabbit was completely honest, so he did not like Chinu’s proposal and suggested that he should not do the same to Chinu. But when Chinu was supposed to be Above him, the ghost of Greed was the rider. He pretended to be honest in front of Venu. But theft came down on the dishonest dishonest. He started selling the medicines bought by the hard work of forest residents in another forest and in the evening he started earning money by treating the patients there.

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Gradually his greed grew slowly Now he sees more of the hospital’s lower, second-hand patients. On the contrary, Doctor Venu works more honestly. The patient also likes to go to doctor Veenu than Chinu. One day all the animals came together with Raja Sher Singh to complain about Chiniu. He apprised the King of the roles of Chinu rabbit and demanded that punishment be given to him. Sher Singh listened carefully to them and said that they will not make any decision without seeing the truth with their eyes. So he will first check the chiruna doctor, then give his decision. The task of the investigation was entrusted to the cunning fox, because Chinu did not know the rabbit fox.

The fox began to keep an eye on Chinu from the very next day. After tracking it for a few days, the fox planned to catch it with a dyed hand. He also informed Sher Singh to the plan, so that he could see the truth through his eyes on time. The fox went to the doctor’s room and said that he came from the nearby forest. The king of that city is very sick, if they are cured of your medicine, then you will be able to do it. Listening to this, Chinu came to greed. He pulled off all his belongings and walked with the fox to see the king of the other forest. Sher Singh, who was secretly listening to all the things, ran and entered the other forest and went to the fixed place and lay down.

After a while, the fox arrived there with the doctor Chiniu, where Sher Singh was sleeping on his face. As soon as Chinu removed the hand from the king’s mouth, he found Lion Singh there and got trembling with fear. With his hand all the goods were released, because all the distinctions of his dishonesty were opened. By then all the animals had come there. Chinu began to apologize for his actions by adding rabbit hands.

King Sher Singh ordered that all the wealth earned by the dishonesty of Chinu should be mixed in the hospital and be thrown out of the jungle by hurling him. As per the order of Sher Singh, the Chinu rabbit was thrown out and thrown out of the jungle. Seeing this action the forest dwellers realized that honesty always wins.

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