How does the auto runner’s daughter become millionaires

How does the auto runner’s daughter become millionaires

Dreaming is very important, those people who dream of dreams are fulfilled to those people. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, To become rich, it is not necessary that you have a very big degree or you are an engineer or a doctor. To achieve success only two things are needed and it is “Talent” and Self Confidence, whether it is in any field, whether in studies or in sports. If you have a talent in which you are capable, then your destination is not far away from you.

Deepika Kumari of Ranchi living today is a different identity abroad, India’s famous archer Deepika Kumari got bronze medal in the Archery World Cup on May 31, 2015, which is a singular achievement in itself. Prior to this, he has won many silver medals many times and has had his ability in the World Cup iron.

Deepika was born on June 13, 1994 in Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi. His family was very poor, his father was an auto driver. Since childhood, Deepika had a passion for archery, she used to make archery by making bamboo bow arrow. Once again, to participate in a small competition to refine their abilities, the fee was 10 rupees.

Dad did not have to give 10 rupees in those days too to the daughter was so much poverty. However, Deepika did not give up because he used to target the fruits of the mango after going to the forest. Due to constant hard work, self-confidence and passion, Deepika got herself scared and when she got a chance to play at the big level, she surprised everyone with her talent.

Today Deepika is a millionaire (Multimillionaire), her family is also very prosperous and in a hurry, the Jharkhand government has announced to give her a free home. The life of Deepika, who is touching the bulwarks at an early age, is an inspiration for the youth of today.

Nowadays, people get very upset, they give up very quickly, whether they are a student who is not getting a job or a businessman whose business has failed. Friends, we need struggle, struggle is the first step of success, but today everyone wants to succeed in the first ladder without struggle.

The truth is that people see the success of successful people and forget their struggle. If you have to become rich, you have to be successful, then you will have to struggle and work hard like people who have succeeded.

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Whenever you are ever worried, write your problem in a notebook and then think about how this problem can be solved then after that, you must definitely write that solution in the notebook, then you will solve your problem yourself. This is Science Proved

Apart from this, whenever you are afraid of any work, whether it is an interview or any other work, think in your mind what is worse than that, do not select me in the interview or I will fail, this will not happen either What about fear Every morning a new direction brings a new excitement, then get up and work hard till you succeed.

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