how to stay safe when shopping online – What is the way to escape

how to stay safe when shopping online

The festival season offers offers on all online shopping sites, and people shop fiercely in this cell, but you will be surprised to know that hackers wait for this sale. In such a situation, if you shop online then you need to be extra cautious. Let us know what things you need to keep in mind in online shopping.

Thieves keep an eye on offers

According to a report, the maximum number of cyber attacks occurred in November-December. In the year 2018, 4,800 websites have got cyber attacks every month through which personal information of people has been stolen. The report said that 33 percent of these attacks took place in November-December. Hackers look forward to the festive season as many hotels and companies offer attractive offers during this period. In such a situation, when people book tickets for the holidays, then hackers get a chance.

How do cyber thieves attack

Hackers create a website similar to a well-known website and place it at the top of Google through advertising. In such a situation, when you search about a site, you get a link to the fake site first. As soon as you share credit-card data on a fake site, hackers immediately clear your account. The e-commerce site steals card data during payment. Hackers make small companies the most vulnerable, because their security is not strong.

how to stay safe when shopping online

  • If the website URL is not in secure mode (https), do not shop from there.
  • Do not shop with links sent by anyone.
  • Do not make any purchases and transactions from the railway station or airport (public Wi-Fi).
  • Do a spelling check of the shopping site.
  • Choose Cash on delivery.

Read it:- These things are very important to be a good salesman.

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