Interesting facts and unique information related to the Honduras country

Interesting facts and unique information related to the Honduras country

Honduras is a wonderful country and its bustling tourist economy is for traditional tourists, big metropolitan cities, wonderful cuisine and friendly local people are the main attractions here, Honduras is a Central American country, in the north, the Caribbean Sea coastline and the Pacific Ocean in the south. . And the official name of this country is the Republic of Honduras, so let’s know the friends and the more interesting facts about the history, economy and culture associated with the Honduras country.Christopher Columbus discovered Honduras, and when he hit the ground, his first words were: “Thanks to God we were out of these great depths!” Honduras has a literal meaning in Spanish: great depth!Yes, you heard us right here in this country there is rain of fishes, it is referred to as Livavia de Peace or “Rain of Fish”, this incident should be at least once in the small town of Yoro Is called. Nobody really knows what the reason is, but in the 1970s, this incident was recorded by the National Geographic Team.Honduras is the second largest country in Central America.Honduras is located in the west of Guatemala, south-west of El Salvador, in the south-east, from Nicaragua to the south, the Pacific Ocean in the north and north of the Caribbean Sea.The total area of ​​Honduras is 43,433 square miles (112,492 square kilometers). From which it comes to 102 (out of 251 countries) in the world’s largest number.It became an independent nation in 1821, thanks to the efforts of revolutionary leader Francisco Morzan (who was President of the Federal Republic from 1830 to 1839). Independence Day is celebrated every year on September 15.On the Honduran flag, five stars represent five countries of Central America. Middle stars represent Honduras, because it is the only country that touches four of the Central American countries.In March 2015, archaeologists discovered the whole city of the buried deep in the thick Honduran forests until the hip. The team named the city as ‘Monkey God City’, and found the sculptures, earth, houses, and burial grounds as well.The official language of Honduras is Spanish.Tegucigalpa, also known as Tegus, is the capital of Honduras and it is composed of two cities, Tegucigalpa and Comayagua, the capital has a population of 1.19 million (in 2016) and from the sea level Situated at a height of 3,200 feet.In 1998, Honduras was destroyed by ‘Hurricane Mitch’. Sadly, at least 5,000 people were killed and 70% of the country’s crops were destroyed; The estimated loss of £ 2 billion was due to the storm Mitch.

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