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Is China planning an invasion? Shocking military activity around Taiwan revealed!



China has been conducting its largest ever military drills in the Pacific. In recent hours, dozens of Beijing’s jets and military ships have been observed around the island of Taiwan. Initially, 27 aircrafts and warships were detected by Taiwan at 6 local time.

A few hours later, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry reported another 35 warplanes in the vicinity. Among these were attack models J-10, J-16, and SU-30. Notably, 28 units crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait or entered the southwest Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). Moreover, the Shandong aircraft carrier continued its navigation in the western Pacific. Taiwanese armed forces have been closely monitoring the situation, activating their air force, navy, and land-based missile systems.

The previous day, 20 ships were detected, which were part of Beijing’s largest ever naval maneuvers in the western Pacific. The Shandong aircraft carrier group and two surface action groups passed through the Philippine Sea, east of Taiwan, for unplanned military exercises without any prior notice or precedent. During these drills, flight trajectories never seen before were noted, suggesting potential alternate strategies to an air blockade.

According to analysts, China’s increasing military drills aim to ‘desensitize’ global media and Taiwan itself, making it harder to discern the possibility of a genuine invasion. This move by Beijing follows a series of US-led military exercises around China involving almost thirty countries.

Last week, the US Navy conducted drills in the East China Sea with allies including Japan and Canada, followed by the passage of an American destroyer and a Canadian frigate through the Taiwan Strait. The US and Indonesia are currently partaking in a joint exercise involving 19 countries.

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