Know how your food is the secret of your health

Know how your food is the secret of your health

Know how your food is the secret of your health .How Live Long and Healthy

There is no fixed formula to live long life and healthy life Most of us know a lot about this but still ignore or laziness while this is not right

because life is found only once and if we can not live in a healthy way, it is not like some fun or accomplishment, and anyway, for healthy life, everybody recommends daily exercise, good food etc.

So let us know about some simple foods that will lead you to a healthy life. Help in Sector

Actually food and other things that are responsible for our healthy life are often around us and something like this –

Pomegranate juice – Scientific studies show that a glass of pomegranate juice keeps you away from diseases in many ways, it also protects you from heart disease, and helps you to keep stress away.

Eat Jamuns – Blue and Black Jamuns are also amazing for your healthy life because they have some amazing antioxidant elements which keep away cancer-causing agents and keep body from various diseases. This is also the best food for long life and healthy life.

Green Tea – Green Tea also has amazing antioxidants that help you to remove any type of swelling and besides it also has many health benefits for long and healthy life. It also provides relief in inflammation caused by chronic pain.

Olive oil – Olive oil is also essential for your healthy life because its strong antioxidants reduce the factors of aging.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C is a ego in the process of the destruction and re-formation of your cells. Apart from this, Vitamin C also contributes to the problem of fixing your skin repair and other related skin problems.

Laziness is the biggest enemy of human beings. This is true. Time to eat, sleep on time, work on time, make time for your daily life. Try to do all the time, try to put yourself in bedtime. Dismiss laziness. Keep body tight and active Mind / Active brains.

Eat nutritious and balanced diet / Balanced diet Do not eat more than food. Include fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, fruit juices, milk, eggs, cereals, spices, herbal etc.

Healthy diet in diet chart. It is possible to eat obesity, gas, acidity, indigestion etc. without eating from a diet chart. And the body does not nour properly.

Almost hundreds of diseases are related to the person’s diet. It is like food that is like mind It is therefore necessary to eat / Balanced Healthy Diet / Balanced Nutritious Diet according to diet charts. Do not eat stomach. Eat about 10-15 percent less than hunger. Obesity, gas, acidity, digestive-related problems are often caused by eating stomach.

Do yoga exercises regularly to keep the body healthy, healthy, fit / healthy fit. The person can not take the time due to being busy all day, so that the diseases quickly infect the body.

Walk daily on foot, walk out after eating in the evening, walk home, walk around the house roof, do Yoga exercises / Yoga Exercises every 30 minutes daily in the morning.

Adhere to the above mentioned 10 rules and live healthy living. A person can advance from prosperity to life, prosperity, prosperity.


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