Kumbhnandas and Akbar’s story

Kumbhnandas and Akbar’s story

Kumbhannadas was a disciple of Goswami Vallabhacharya. Their count was in Ashtchap. Once he had to appear Fatehpur Sikri on Akbar’s order.Even though Akbar honored him with great respect, he thought it was time to destroy the time. When the King expressed his desire to listen to him, he sang this song:Suspicious work take .
The periodic twists are broken, bisari gyo hari naam
Those who have seen the face of sadness, Tinko karani pary salute.
Kumbhnandas Lal Girdhar Bin and Sabe Bai-Kam. “

Despite being the ultimate poverty, he never accepted acceptance of money from any king-king.

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