Life’s greatest learning story

Life’s greatest learning story

For a time, there was a big apple of apple in a forest. A child used to play on that tree every day. He sometimes hangs from the tree’s cast, sometimes breaks fruit, jumped jumping, and apple tree was also very happy with that child

Many years passed like this. Suddenly the child went somewhere and did not come back again, the tree waited a long time but he did not come. Now the tree had become depressed..After a long year, the child came again to the tree but she had grown a little longer. The tree was very pleased to see him and asked him to play with him.

But the child said sadness, now that he has grown up, now he can not play with her. The child said, “Now I like to play with toys, but I do not have the money to buy toys”The tree said, “Do not be sad, you break my fruit (apples) and sell them and buy toys. The baby happily took fruit (apple) to break but he did not return again for a long time. The trees are very sad

Suddenly many days after the child who was now young, came back, the tree was very happy and asked him to play with him.But the boy said, “He can not play with the tree. Now I want some money because I have to make a house for my children.

The tree said, “My branches are very strong. You cut them down and make your house. Now the boy happily cut off all the branches and walked away. At that time the tree was happy to see him but he never came back again. And again that tree was lonely and depressed.In the end, she came there tired after a long time.Then the tree said sadly, “Now I have no fruits nor can the wood help you in now..

The old man said, “Now he should not need any help just for a place where he can spend the rest of his life comfortably.” The tree gave him shelter in his roots and the old man always stayed there.

This story is also of us all today. Friends, like this tree, our parents are also, when we are young, playing with them grow up and grow up and leave them and they come back only when we need something. Gradually this life passes slowly. We should serve the parents of the tree and not only benefit from them.

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In this story we see that that child was very important for that tree, and that child used to use that apple tree according to the need, again and again, knowing that he is using it only. . Similarly today we also use our parents according to the need. And when they grow older they forget them. We should always serve our parents, we should honor them. And always, even if we do not have any busy queues, they should continue to leave for a while.

Friends again with the next story thanks for reading?

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