Magic stick

Magic stick

One night, the shawl was lying on his bed. suddenly lightning flashed on the window of her room. Shalu got upset He saw that an old woman was flying in the air near the window. Come to the old window and say, Shalu, you are a good girl. So I want to give you something. “Shalu was very happy to hear this.

The elder said giving a stick to the beau, “Shalu is a magic wand. Whatever thing you turn it on, turning it two times will disappear. “The next morning, the shawl took the stick to his school. He started to do evil. She first disappeared the book of the girl sitting in front of her and again made some children’s rubber and pencils disappear. Nobody even knew that this is a stick of a stick of a stick.

Even when she reached home, her mischief was not closed. Shalu was having great fun in this game. She laid a chair in front of the kitchen door. He thought, “ Why do not I let this chair disappear? As soon as she turned a cane, the mother of the hermit went out of the kitchen and passed the chair in front of the chair and the mother of the herd disappeared instead of the chair.

The beau got very scared and started crying. In the same way, the old lady got caught in front of him. Shalu told the old lady about the whole story. The old lady said to her, “I can bring your mother back, but after that I will take this magic wand from you back.” Let’s say, ‘Whatever you want, but bring me my mother back’. Then the old lady read a magical mantra and after seeing the mother of the mother came back. Shaloo wanted to thank the old woman, but by then the old lady had gone too far in the clouds. Shalu was very happy to get his mother back and ran and got throated.

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