Many people keep thinking that instead of taking a concrete decision, do they?

Many people keep thinking that instead of taking a concrete decision, do they?

A five-year-old boy went to visit a Delhi supermarket with his father. When shopping, when they got closer to the Toys section, they were stunned by looking at the colorful toys present.

Papa-Papa, I have to take this car, please do not have the father boy pulling the hand of the father said,.

Papa used to admit his son a lot and his request was not turned down.Ok son you take this car! Father said to the son, “Praising the son!” The child immediately picked up the car and jumped happily and started moving forward. Now he must have walked two or four steps that son said, “Papa, I do not want this car, I want that remote control helicopter! After listening to this, the father became angry and said, “We do not have much time, the market is about to close. Take a toy from here and walk from here! The son kept the car and took the helicopter under his control and took the other.

Dad grabbed his son’s hand and started moving forward, then the son said loudly, “Wait-stop-wait Papa, look at how dinosaur it looks dangerous … I’ll take it … what do you do … do not do papa … what should I do … take it That he

Papa immediately took the son off the lap and said, “Go … quickly shoot a toy and walk from here!

For the next few moments, the son continued running around and thinking that he should do that? But he could not explain what he has to take?

Then the lights of the supermarket were off and customers were asked to come out. Papa was also angry, he picked up the son in the arms and got out. The poor son was crying, it was coming in his mind that he wanted to have had some toy.Friends, we are all like that boy and this world is a toy shop, in which there are many types of toys available … life gives you many options of different stage pay toys.

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Never give you the option of choosing education, sometimes job or business, but unfortunately many people think that instead of taking a concrete decision, do they think that?

And his prime time of doing something in this affair goes away, and later he has to repent like a child or choose a sub-standard option.Remember this thing!

Therefore, when it comes to taking important decisions of life, then the indecisive vote remained … do not stop your decision for a long time. Take a decision using your circumstances and best of knowledge and move on in life.

Friends again with the next story thanks for reading?

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