Max Mathematician’s Success Story

Max Mathematician’s Success Story

Friends, today we will know about India’s great mathematician Srinivas Ramanujan, who at the young age of his 32 years did many wonderful discoveries in the field of mathematics. You must be surprised to know that such a great mathematician of the modern age did

Max Mathematician’s Success Story

not have any special studies. He achieved this position with his hard work and passion. He struggled with poverty of entire life. School exams failed due to which the scholarships were stopped and they had to leave studies. Whole life was not given to them by their health. He also had to wander rate rates for the job. But his passion in God and his passion in mathematics always inspired him and he did not give up even after so many difficulties. Ramanujan’s talent can be estimated by the fact that at the age of 11, at the time of school, he used to do

Max Mathematician’s Success Story

college level mathematics solves. At the age of just 13, he cries the trigonometry and at the age of 32 he discovered about 3900 equation of math. In recognition of this great mathematician, the whole country celebrates his birthday as National Mathematics Day. So let’s have a life story of this great mathematician we know from the beginning.

Max Mathematician’s Success Story

Ramanujan was born on December 22, 1887 in a village named Erode in Tamil Nadu state of India. His father’s name was Shrinivas Iyengar, who worked as a clerk in a sari shop. And his mother’s name was Komal, who was a house-wife and used to sing hymns in nearby temples. Ramanujan’s childhood mostly spent place in Kumbakonam, which is still very festive for the old temples and his house can still be seen as a museum there. Ramanujan’s intellectual development in childhood was very less than normal children. Where babu starts speaking in one or a half years, Ramanujan has not spoken for 3 years. And that’s why the people in their house started worrying about whether it was dumb or not. Ramanujan’s mother gave birth to two more children in 1891 and 1894, but unfortunately, both of them died in childhood. On 1 October 1892, Ramanujan was admitted into a local school. And he had his childhood since childhood. He was particularly interested in Math’s subject. Ramanujan took the primary examination at the age of 10 and became the student of the highest number in the whole district and after that he took admission in Town High Secondary School for further studies.

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From the beginning Ramanujan always used to have strange questions, like who was the first man in the world? What is the distance between the Earth and the cloud? Lots of more similar His questions were sometimes very upsetting to his teachers, and he used to wake up with them. But Ramanujan’s nature was so lovely that no one could have been angry with him for a long time. Very soon the talent in school started to appear to everyone. Once, the Principal of

Max Mathematician’s Success Story

Ramanujan’s school also said that the level of examinations in the school does not apply to Ramanujan because he solved those questions in a pinch. Ramanujan got Subramaniam Scholarship because of his good grades in high school examination, which made his further studies easier. But there was a big problem in front of them. Ramanujan started giving Math so much that he did not pay attention to other subjects. Even he used to solve Math’s questions in the second subject class, and as a result, in the 11th exam, he failed in all the subjects except Math. Because of which the scholarships also got closed. At one time the financial condition of the house had stopped getting scholarships from worse.

It was a very difficult time for Ramanujan. After that, he started teaching math lessons to improve the economic condition of the house. After some time, in 1907, Ramanujan passed the 12th class examination and also failed in that, after which he left school. After leaving school, the next 5 years of Ramanujan has been very difficult. They did not have any jobs, nor did they have the opportunity to increase their research by working with someone, but they did not allow them to stay on unwavering faith in God and their passion towards mathematics. And in such extreme circumstances, he continued his research alone. In 1908 Ramanujan’s parents married him to a girl named Janaki. After marriage he was no longer alone, his wife also had the responsibility of him and that was why it was not possible for him to forget everything and continue in the research of Math. That’s why he came to Madras in search of a job but Ramanujan did not get a job because of not having passed the XII examination, and in the meanwhile he got worse. There was a need to come back home.

After recovering, Ramanujan came back to Madras and again started looking for a job. On somebody’s request, he met Mr. Veer Ramaswamy Iyer, the deputy collector. Aiyar was a very big scholar of mathematics and, after all, he recognized Ramanujan’s talent and by asking the District Officer Shri Ramchandra Rao, he got a scholarship of 25 rupees per month. With the help of this scholarship, Ramanujan published his first research in Madras for 1 year. The title of which was the properties of Barnauli number After publishing his first research, he got a job as a clerk in the Madras Port Trust, and fortunately, the job was not much in his job and he also got time for his mathematics. Ramanujan used to wake up and write new mathematical formula at night and then used to leave office after resting for a while.

Honesty win

Now Ramanujan’s research had come at a level that the work could not be extended without the help of any other mathematician.

At this time Ramanujan showed some formulas of his theory to a professor and asked him for help, then he went to London’s Professor Hardy.

ProfessorHardy was one of the world’s best-known mathematician at the time. And he also got ready to work with Ramanujan, he helped Ramanujan financially and invited him to England. This friendship of Ramanujan and Professor Hardy proved to be very beneficial for both of them and they made a lot of searches together.

Meanwhile, due to a special search of Ramanujan, Cambridge University gave him the title of BA. After this Ramanujan was made a Fellow of the Royal Society. At a time when India was living in slavery, it was a big thing for a black person to get place for the members of the Royal Society.

After some time, Ramanujan’s health in England became very poor and after examining the doctors told that he had become TB. At that time there was no medicine for TB disease. At the end of the advice of doctors, he had to return that because the weather in England was not good for his health. But even on returning to India, Ramanujan did not support Ramanujan and the condition got worse.

After finally dedicating all his life to mathematics, on 26 April 1920, at the age of 33, Ramanujan said this world goodbye.

Magic stick.

Friends, know if life is long or short, if you believe in yourself, you are passionate about your work, success will definitely be achieved.

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