New Zealand An Introduction

New Zealand An Introduction

New Zealand or Aoataaroa (Aotearoa – Maori name of New Zealand) is located in the South Pacific Ocean about 2000 kilometers south-east of Australia.

Its total area is 269,000 square kilometres. This area and size can be said to be slightly smaller than Japan and slightly larger than Britain. Wallington is the capital of New Zealand and the largest city is Auckland. Auckland can also be called New Zealand’s commercial capital.

The population of New Zealand is around 45 million (4.5 million), in which 80 percent of European community, one in seven Māori (Tangāta, Fenua, native or native people) is one in 15 and one from Pacific Island island people. New Zealand is increasingly becoming a multi-cultural society.

New Zealand is the first country, which gave women the right to vote. Women got the right to vote in New Zealand in the year 1893.

New Zealand is at number one in the fastest growing business startup, it takes just one day for any Business Startup.

In almost every country, pharma companies are prohibited from advertising the drugs of major physical problems, but this is not the case in New Zealand and the US.

New Zealand is a country made up of two big and many small Islands. Even if the northern island of two major islands is smaller than the southern island, but 75% of the country’s New Zealand Population remains on the northern island only. Nzl Area is about 2,68,000 square kilometers, which is slightly less than our Andhra Pradesh state.

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English and Maori are the official languages ​​here, although English is commonly used.

New Zealand dollar is the currency here.

New Zealanders are called New Zealanders or Kiwi, although Kiwi is a bird which is a national bird here. New Zealand is a member of the Commonwealth.

New Zealanders or Kiwi are very peaceful and nature lover.

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