Nothing in life is more important than your own family.

One day my wife suddenly said to me – “Listen, what would you say if I asked you to go out for dinner and film with someone else”. I said – “I will say that you don’t love me anymore”.

He said – “I love you, but I know that this woman also loves you very much and spending some time with you will be like a dream for her”.

That other woman was nobody else but my mother. Who lived alone apart from me. Due to my business, I was able to visit him only occasionally. I called Mama to have dinner with me and to go out for a movie.

“You are fine, no. There is no problem between you two” Mother asked. My mother was a little skeptical. For me, this type of phone was a sign of my problem.

No problem. Just I thought it would be a pleasant feeling to go out with you “I replied and said ‘Just both of us will walk”. He thought about it for a moment and then said, ‘Okay.’

When I reached her house on Friday evening, I saw that she too was waiting at the door. She was wearing a beautiful dress and her face was shining in a different happiness.

The mother in the car said “‘I told my friend that I was going out to have dinner with my son. She was quite impressed”. We reached a mother’s restaurant which was not very elegant but nice and comfortable. We sat down, and I started looking at the menu. Reading the menu, I lifted my eyes and found that she was looking at me and a sad smile was on her lips.

“When you were little, I used to read this menu for you,” he said. ‘Mother, I want to read it for you right now,’ I replied.

While eating, we started discussing the recent events that happened in each other’s life. We talked among ourselves so much that we did not know when the time of the picture was over.

Later, while returning home, mother said that if I let her pay the bill next time, she would like to come with me for dinner again. I said, “Mother, when you want and who pays the bill, what does it matter.”

Mother said that it makes a difference and next time she will pay the bill.

“Wife asks when she reaches home” – how was it.

“Excellent, much better than I thought” – I replied.

A few days after this incident, my mother died of a heart attack. It happened so suddenly that I could not do anything for them.

Shortly after mother’s death, I received an envelope containing a letter from my mother with an advance payment receipt from the same restaurant in which the mother wrote “My son I don’t know if I will be able to go to dinner with you again or not” I have made an advance payment of the estimated bill of two people. If I am not able to go, then you must go to have dinner with your wife.

That night you said no, what difference does it make. An old woman living alone like me makes a difference, you do not know that every moment I spent with you that night was one of the best times of my life.

May God bless you always.
I love you “.
Your mother

Nothing in life is more important than your own family.

Give your family their part time .. Because you have the basis of happiness in their life as well.

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