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Peril in the Coral Sea: A Near-Disastrous Encounter with Sharks. Catamaran in danger!



In the vast expanse of the Coral Sea, off the coast of Australia, a harrowing tale unfolded that gripped three seafarers. Among them, an Australian national accompanied by a Russian and a French compatriot. Their inflatable catamaran, which had become a vulnerable vessel in shark-infested waters, was found drifting about 800 km away from Cairns.

Information from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority shed light on their rescue, facilitated by a passing merchant vessel. Intriguingly, an inspection of the catamaran revealed substantial damage to both hulls, bearing the unmistakable mark of multiple shark encounters.

Their voyage had started from the distant Vanuatu archipelago, with Cairns as their intended destination. But their journey took a perilous turn early Wednesday morning when they sent out a distress signal. Captured footage from an overhead helicopter portrayed the vast silhouette of the cargo ship, Dugong Ace, steering towards the stranded catamaran amidst the placid waters.

A note on the Coral Sea: it’s a marine sanctuary bustling with diverse marine life, including the menacing gray reef sharks. In fact, Australian authorities contend that this region possibly houses a denser shark population than most other globally-monitored marine habitats.

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