The queen of hunger, a queen playing sex games with young boys

The queen of hunger, a queen playing sex games with young boys

There are many tales of stories about kings and queens in the history books, but there are many shocking stories about the strange behavior of Russian Empress Catherine the Great .It is notable that Catherine the Great II, who had a narrow reign in Russia from 1729 to 1796, was a strong woman in her own right. There are many stories and stories about Katherine’s great ability to run in history as well as her peculiar sexual behavior.It is said that after Katherine finished her relationship with her husband Peter, she had hundreds of sex slaves in her palace. For every small task of the queen, the young men of the bachelors were quick to look forward. In every room of the palace, Rani had kept these slaves different types of work. The special thing is that there was no service in the Queen’s palace. Rani liked to have her personal and intimate work done with slaves.The story of the colorful story started with the non-men of the queen

It is said that the relationship between Catherine and her husband Peter was not good. Rani’s biography ‘Catherine the Great – Love Sex and Power’ mentions that there was no child for both of them for eight years, and things started to talk about Peter’s manhood among the public. The relationship between the two became so weak that the helpless Peter was drowned in his palace and Kathryn became involved in an intermarriage with his commander.

Meanwhile, Katherine gave birth to first son Paul. Rumors say that Peter was nominated and that of Katherine and Senapati. However later Catherine changed many lovers and gave birth to three more children, and every time Peter’s nomination was questioned.

Between Peter and Rani Catherine, Catherine’s lovers have been troubled many times, and these tales were heard outside the palace, but Catherine could not distance herself from her lovers. Not only that, Catherine was completely completely free from Peter’s influence. An episode entitled ‘Hermite States Secrets’, shown on Museum Secret Dot TV, mentions that the Queen had made a sex salon near the palace.

The queen was playing this kind of sex game with the boys.

The queen’s strange hobbies were. He made relationships with his servants. After the death of the queen, her son, Paul’s son, Paul I. When the palace was investigated, a hidden saloon was found in exactly the queen of the Queen’s palace, where massage chairs with sexual artworks were found. These chairs were engraved with pictures of women and men

It is said that here the queen used to do a Bachelor party to fulfill her sexual aspirations, where the young boys of the state were called to party. The queen used sex with these young men and made every effort to maintain her sexual aspirations. Queen gave this pallet the name Petit Hermitage.

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Massage chairs with sex figures of salon placed in the State Hermitage Museum in Russia are witness to the fact that in spite of her husband and lovers, Queen Catherine had peculiar sexual supererogation that she used to do all kinds of experiments to fulfill.

And the reason for the Queen’s death made this bizarre sex

It is said that even the queen was killed during a similar accident. Although historians have different opinions about the death of the queen. Some say that the queen died from a heart attack sitting in a toilet seat while some historians claim that the queen was killed while trying to intercourse with the horse.It is also mentioned in Catherine the Great-Love, Sex and Power that the horse’s story in Russia was widely known in Russia. Although a spokesman for the official palace of Russia had said that the queen died due to cardiac arrest at Stable.

It is from the point of view of the queen and horse that during the peak of its rule the rumors were raised in the urban area that the queen is accustomed to creating unnatural sex and also makes relationships with animals. The presence of hundreds of servants for the service of the state-of-the-art stables of hundreds of horses and horses is also indicating that the queen had some different kind of attachment to the horses.

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