The reason why the glance turns weak

The reason why the glance turns weak

  • There is a lot of complaints about weakness of the eyes, which is the main cause of its causes, so it is far more important to find out the causes and remedies of the person before healing the weakness of sight.One reason for the weakness of the sight is a wrong way to study, such as pedestrians, traveling in the car and studying the latitude. While studying for long periods of time studying in books etc., there is a burden on eyes and weaknesses, so during the study, remove eyes from the book and move through it. Just like other organs
  • (Hand foot etc.) tired and we make them comfortable by giving movement or exercise together. This is also the case of eye eyes. It is a natural system to move on, that is why small children often jump and Keep stuck, they keep scolding millions, but they do not sit in chains, and this movement is important for them, because if they
  • aresitting in one place, then the fragile pair of their bones are all seal. Stop doing the hands of the feet and feet, so stop them from jumping, against the harmful and systematic nature. Some animals like the goat Children need a lot of movement, because they start growing and stirring when they are born, so we also

Keeping the eyes of the body and other organs, keeping the natural system, pedestrians are unusual.

  • One reason for a weakness of sight or studying in the light of excessive light or direction from the direction of direction is that it interfere with it, so as to study, consider the light from top or over From the opposite side, the eyes will slow down and they will be comfortable. The same principle of lighting is also applied to the ceiling that it has a light. The first people used to hang down the lantern chain and hang it down from the ceiling, as it was light in the room, while today the lights are traditionally used to lay on the walls rather than in the roof, which reduces the light. Because the walls are absorbing light. Even today, some people put a colorful plastic cover over the lights for decoration, it reduces the light further and studying less light brings weight on the eyes and The result of which causes fatigue I feel weak too.
  • There is also a reason for the weakness of the sight and the smoke of the vehicle, to avoid the adverse effects of the eyes, the eyes should be kept clean and the best solution is to do wudoo periodically. An European doctor wrote a paper entitled “Eye, Water, Health” in this article, emphasizing that ” Keep your eyes stunned several times a day or dangerous diseases Have to be two. There is also an eye disease in which eye-absorbing realms (i.e. real trays) decrease or ends and weakness becomes weak and ultimately the patient becomes blind. According to a religious principle, if the storms are kept periodically It can be protected from this disease. “According to the medical principle described by this European doctor, the truth and excellence of Muslims’ religion is more evident that we are sometimes used to preserve our eyes and other organs in the form of wudoo daily. Do the goods
  • Among the reasons for the weakness of sight, films on TV, VCR or computer play
  • Seeing, looking at the shame of someone or someone else is looking to see dirt and urine.An illustration of the weakness of the age is aggravated. The person becomes weak when the person grows old. This weakness of the sun is actually the message of death. White hair after black hair, weakness after physical strength and waist tilt after the back of the waist, change of disease, eyes and ears (ie first sighting is good and then weakness and deafness comes after correcting the power of listening. Etc.)
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