Adoor: Small town ‘Adoor’

Small town Adoor

Small town ‘Adoor’ where a unique combination of entertainment and history is found.

Take a walk in winter where many people turn to the mountains to see snowfall. At the same time, there are many people who want to go to some place where the weather is pleasant in the cold weather. Kerala fulfills this desire. Visit this beautiful state in the winter season is very relaxed. So let us tell you about a very beautiful place in Kerala in this new chapter of nomad. Where the views will never be forgotten.

Adoor or Adoor is a treasure of beauty:

There is no direct train to this small city, but there is nothing to worry because this city is well connected to every small and big city by bus. The nearest station is Kuri. So let’s find out what is there in the treasure of beauty.


The most special thing to see in this small village, located about ten km from Adoor, is the race of bulls. It is very interesting to see the competition of oxen running in the empty paddy fields and many tourists come from far and wide to see it.

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Sri Dharma Shastra Temple:

The specialty of this temple is to respect all sects. People of every religion can easily visit the Dharma Shastra temple. The incarnation of Lord Parashurama can be worshiped in this temple built under the Sabari Hills.

St. George Orthodox Church:

St. George Orthodox Church is one of the oldest churches in South India. Its architectural features are spread far and wide. Because of which Christians, Hindus and Muslims also come to see this church. Due to the painting done on its walls, it also remains a center of tourist attraction.

Parth Sarathi Temple:

Partha Sarathi is a very beautiful temple built on the way to Adoor. There is a statue of Lord Krishna in this temple. States of the south usually have visions of the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. But the idol of Krishna in this temple is extremely rare. Here not only Krishna but Lord Shiva and Ganesh are also worshiped. If you visit this temple during the Astami Rohini Festival, you can enjoy the folk arts and dances.

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