Some interesting things in Singapore/Interesting Facts about Singapore

Interesting Facts about Singapore.

The Night Safari, the world’s first night-night zoo, is also in Singapore.

Singapore has the largest yakultal bottle of Southeast Asia and it is also the most expensive.

Singapore is one of the three living city-state countries, because there is no capital of Singapore. Apart from Singapore, two other cities are Monaco and Vatican City.

Besides the Southern island, Singapore also has 63 small islands. There is no one on most of the islands here.

The national anthem of Singapore has been written in very small letters up to $ 1000 notes. Have you seen this before?

Singapore is one of the 20 smallest countries in the world, spread over an area of ​​682.7 square kilometers. If compared to USA, Singapore is 15,000 times bigger than Singapore.

On September 21, 1965, Singapore became the 117th member of the United Nations.

Singapore’s National Full Wanda is Miss Jokom, which was first invented in 1893 by an Armenian named Agnes Jokom.

Oh no There is another Singapore except this Singapore in the world! The famous ghost town of Michigan is also the name of Singapore.

The world’s largest flying fox was found on the island of Pulau Ubin, the main island of Singapore, with its wings spreading 1.5 meters.

Despite the lack of farmland and agriculture in Singapore, Singapore is the world’s largest exporter of decorative fishes.

Singapore’s highest natural natural point is Bukit Quarter Hill – which is only 164 meters high.

The highest grossing film in Singapore (before 2014) is Avatar, which earned $ 10.65 million in 2009.

None of Singapore’s buildings can be higher than 280 meters. At present, there are three buildings on this height: OUB Center, UOB Plaza and Republic Plaza.

In May 2002, the world record of the most participating people in line dancing is also the name of Singapore, at that time 11,967 dancers participated.

The world’s largest fountain is also in the heart of Singapore’s Suntec City. In 1997, about 6 million
The cost was US $.

Singapore is the most pronounced country of death, where most of the deaths are associated with drug dealers.

In 1982, Swimmer Ang Peng Siong named the world’s number one title in the 50 meter freestyle.

The towers of Suntec City have been made in the shape of hand palms, which have been described as good and beneficial in Feng Shui.

Compared to the North American continent, most species of trees are found in the Bukit Quarter Natural Reserve of Singapore.

The Guinness World Record of the world’s longest human deo series on September 30, 2000 was made in Singapore. Which was created by 9,234 students and was 4.2 kilometers long.

The first Singaporean film to be shown at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival was Eric Khoo’s 12th Story.

Violinist Vanessa My Nicholson was known for pop music, he used to sell pop music in his electric violet. He was born in Singapore and after 4 years he joined England.

Most of Singapore’s people have been born in the month of October.

Singapore’s most famous and general Chinese Tan, nickname, Lee and Lim.

There are about 3,000 kilometers of roads in Singapore. Which stretches to the end, this road has remained from Singapore to Hong Kong.

80% of Singaporeans have their own phone. Rather, many people working with two phones have two phones: one for personal use and one for the other.

9 out of 10 Singaporean people live in public homes.

The world’s most tropical orchid garden is found only in the Botanic Gardens of Singapore.

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