Speed ​​of two friends

Speed ​​of two friends

Speed ​​of two friends

Two friends played together, grew up. Both used to stay ahead even in studies. One was a wealthy householder and had an open expense. The second came from the Sanskarwan house on the poor and always used to spend limited. The rich friend kept inviting him to stay together in his extravagance as long as he lived. But he did not listen to the same thing and always consulted on the remaining things and suggested to him that despite being a renewable asset, you should not waste your expenses.

The two separated in time. The poor friend accepted the job of a teacher and the rich friend made his business separate by investing in business. After 10 years, both of them met in a dispensary. The rich friend had already squandered his money, was admitted to the dispensary in the dispensary due to liver damage due to other misdeeds. On the other hand his friend was now the principal of a school. A husband and wife and a child used to live in limited expenditure. Lived a happy life. Both of them listened to each other’s saga. The tears rolled from the eyes of the rich friend. “Friend! Had I said you, I would not have had this situation today. My instinct of unnecessary expenditure has led me to this place today.” The other showed sympathy, giving him possible financial support. Made life anew.

The amount of intelligence required to earn money, should be taken while determining the rationale for several times the expenditure.

Lakshmi’s honor is to spend in the right way and take care of justification and impropriety in right things. Therefore, the austerity side of the balance of meaning is given priority. Care should be taken that whatever is saved should be employed for proper purposes.

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