The story of the crow and the fox In what way the fox made the cow a fool

The story of the crow and the fox In what way the fox made the cow a fool

Friends lived a fox in a forest. She was very hungry. He started wandering around in search of food to satisfy his hunger. He wandered all the jungle, when he did not get anything after wandering in all the jungle, he got bothered with heat and hunger and sat under a tree. Suddenly, his eyesight went up. A crow was sitting on the tree. There was a piece of bread in his mouth.Seeing the bread in the mouth of the crows, the water of the hungry fox filled the mouth. He started thinking of a solution to get rid of crows. He suddenly wiped out a remedy and then he said to the crow, “Crow brother! You’re very beautiful. I have heard you so much praise, have heard you sing a song very well. Your melodious voice is all crazy. Will not you tell me the song?The crow was very happy to hear your praise. He came into the sweet sweet talk of the fox and unknowingly opened the mouth to sing the song. As soon as he opened his mouth, the piece of bread fell down. The hungry fox quickly picked up the piece and ran away from there.Seeing this, the crow began to repent over its stupidity. But now, with regret, what was to be done, the clever fox took advantage of the stupidity of fools and made use of it.
Friends, this story gives the message that we should be avoided by our false acclaim. Many times we meet many people who take our work for our work and draw our work. After work went out, we did not even ask for it.

Friends again with the next story thanks for reading

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