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Story- daughter-in-law daughter

Story- daughter-in-law daughter

He would wake up at eight o’clock in the evening, drink tea, then take bath after bathing. He used to talk tactfully to the people, because being beside Maika did not make him feel away from his parents. At eleven-twelve o’clock went to his room and slept for hours, only to eat and leave for tea. In the morning and evening, to keep his nephew-niece bins, ‘Mummy has given her, she loves a lot..

Rishab did not answer even after repeatedly calling on the name. The tea was getting cold, so being constrained I reached the top, where Riya was sharing with her on the terrace. In my love-filled ‘gutter guna’ my sharp tone “drink tea”? Riya did not escape from there, smiling and saying, “hello antji.” I responded to greetings and the foot rolled down, “Besharam is somewhere, in front of his mother is raising the love of his son, there is no doubt. Not only..

Mother, where is my tea? “Coming down, Rishabh asked.

“See Rishabh, you are no longer a child, a responsible bank officer. What are you both standing in that corner of the ceiling? Playing together with childhood, I did not pay attention. I grew up in the same college, so I kept quiet, but now, what are the things now? “

“Mother, we’ve spent a long time together since childhood, now we have got used to talking to each other. You keep worrying in vain. There is no such thing between us. We only talk about it..

It does not seem to be happening while growing. “My nervousness was getting stressed. I was not able to get close to the normal Riya of my eligible, beautiful son’s neighborhood. I do not believe in Rishab’s saying ‘There is nothing’. Instead of Riya, I used to be upset and upset. Nowadays, the pakodra plate was ever present, and it was always available for pickle bottle.

Such a day he threatens to come home. Seeing him I said, “Suit is so beautiful. Did it come to show or give pakoda? “

“Think anything, Antigi, how do I look?”

“Okay.” I had to say, seeing him, I was skeptical. Playing together with childhood in childhood is difficult to separate children into puberty..

We were the only children of three sisters, Rishab was the only one. She was also the eldest of husband’s dynasty and loved by pampering. We all had great dreams about her marriage, but water was lost on all our arrows. Soon, Rishab announced a marriage with Riya and we all gave a tremendous blow. Thousands of Rishabh’s sister-in-law, sister Ragini, strongly opposed it. I gave up the threat of leaving home, but Rishabh remained ineffective. He said, “Why would you leave the house? I will be separated. Just get married to Riya. “

“I’ll do it. All decisions have been taken by itself. Get married too. “

“Okay, I take court-marriage. I do not understand the reason for your opposition. Our caste has, written, written,

I belong to the rich family and I like the biggest thing. “

“I had conceived a daughter-in-law, she is not like that. Head climbed – Nakharelel, do not know what you saw in it? “

“I want to marry, I like that.”

“brother! You should not talk to your mum like this. “

“You keep quiet, Mom’s spoon. Will go to Sandeep in just two days. You too had married your choice, I had no oppositiond


Ragini was silent, she had also had a love marriage, but I had given her consent in it. Before I say something, Rishab’s father said, “Rishabh will be married to Riya. Young boy goes home, do you want people? I will not allow this to happen. No one will speak a word anymore. Prepare for the wedding. “

After that everyone was silent. I am absolutely calm till marriage, procession. The face of the face showed five tolls, but after seeing this, I fell asleep that Riya’s parents gave a lot of donation and dowry. However the welcome of the Baratis was excellent. All of Riya’s personal things were of good quality, but for every traditional mother-in-law like other members of the house and expecting precious gifts and cash for the groom, I was also sitting on the same kind of expectations, but Rishabh’s father’s strict instructions There was no demand from the mouth open. However, Riya came home to become a Bahu. As long as the house was full of relatives, I let her rest. He would wake up at eight o’clock in the evening, drink tea, then take bath after bathing. He used to talk tactfully to the people, because being beside Maika did not make him feel away from his parents. He went to his room at eleven-twelve and slept for hours. Just got out for food and tea. In the morning and evening, for her nephew-niece box, “Mommy has given her, she loves a lot.” The grandmother has sent for Foofjee.

I was not avoided by the delicious dishes of those compartments, but the sense of ‘Fufa-bua mere’ was pierced. On the day Rishabh-Riya was going to Nainital, Riya came and told me, “You will not be disturbed, my mother has made a meal for the way.

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