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Story Man One Piece Three

Story Man One Piece Three

Once Akbar and Birbal were sitting in the garden. Suddenly Akbar asked Birbal, can you find a person who has the ability to speak different dialects?

Birbal said, why not, I know a man who speaks the parrot’s speech, speaks the language of the lion, and also speaks the ass’s ass. Akbar was surprised to hear this. He told Birbal that the person should be present on the next day.

Birbal took the man next morning to the court in the morning. And gave him a small bottle of alcohol. Now in the light of the drunken state, the drunken man stood in front of the emperor. He knew that after drinking alcohol, the King would punish him. That’s why he started begging And began to look like the King’s emperor Then Birbal speaks so, this is the language of Parrot who is speaking out of fear of punishment.

After that Birbal gave that person a bottle of another liquor, right there. Now that man was completely intoxicated. He stood up in front of the Akbar king. He said that if you are the king of the city then what happened? I am also the king of your house I am not afraid of anyone here.

Birbal said that now, this is the language of the lion who is speaking fearlessly in the intoxication of alcohol.

Now again Birbal grabbed the man’s face and took another bottle from his throat. This time, the man lay down on the ground while falling off and started screaming from his mouth, screaming in the air, shaking his head in the air. Now Birbal said that now what he is saying is the language of the donkey..Akbar was once again pleased with the response of Birbal, and he rewarded Birbal for presenting this entertaining example.

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