Story of Frogs, Short Motivational Story of Frogs, Best story

Story of Frogs, Short Motivational Story of Frogs,

A group of frogs was going through the path of the forest. Suddenly two frogs fell into a deep pit. When the other frogs saw that the hole is too deep, all the frogs standing above shouted, “You two cannot get out of this pit, the pit is very deep, you both give up hope to get out of it.”

Those two frogs probably did not listen to the frogs standing above and they continued to jump to get out of the pit. The frogs standing outside kept saying ‘Both of you are working in vain, you should give up, both of you should give up. You can’t leave

One of the two frogs that fell into the pit, the frog overheard the frogs standing upstairs, and, leaving the jump, he sat down in a corner disappointed. The second frog kept trying, he kept jumping as much as he could.

All the frogs standing outside were constantly saying that you should give up, but that frog might not be able to listen to them and kept jumping and after a lot of efforts, he came out. The other frogs said, “Did you not listen to us?”

The frog pointed out that he could not listen to them because he was deaf and could not hear, so he could not listen to anyone. He was thinking that everyone is encouraging him.

Learn from the story. Learning From The Story

Whenever we speak, they affect people, so always speak positively.

Whatever people say, you should have complete faith in yourself and think positively.

We get success only by hard work, confidence and positive thinking.

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