After a lot of struggle, the success story of Snapdeal’s Kunal Bahl

Success Story Of KUNAL BAHL

After a lot of struggle, the success story of Snapdeal’s Kunal Bahl.

Kunal Bahl Success Story – success story of Snapdeal.

In today’s modern and technological era, where competition has increased in every field and establishing itself in any field is not less than a big challenge, but if there is a desire to do something in mind, then every difficulty would have become easy. And this fits perfectly with Kunal Bahl, founder and CEO of Snapdeal, who has made a mark in the field of e-commerce.
He not only laid the foundation of Snapdeal on the strength of his talent and skill, but also took it to new heights. But do you know about Kunal Bahl’s journey here, if not. So let’s know about Kunal Bahl – Kunal Bahl –

Snapdeal’s Kunal success story created after much struggle – Founders of Snapdeal Kunal Bahl Success Story

Born in a middle family, Kunal Bahl – Kunal Bahl’s parents also wanted that, like his elder son, he too got admission in IIT College and became a successful engineer. Kunal also made a lot of preparations for this but he could not get admission in IIT, but he was not disappointed but this was the biggest lesson of his life.

After this, he started working in a private company for a salary of just Rs 6 and a half rupees, but then Kunal decided that he does not want to be identified as a common engineer and an MBA, rather he wants to do business education.

For this, Kunal applied to the Warton School in the US, a university that offered engineers plus business degrees in 5 years. After which Kunal achieved this degree in just 4 years to save money.

And after this he got a chance to work in Microsoft company too, but after three months of his job again he failed again, due to the expiry of H1V visa in US, he had to leave his job and return to India. But even this, Kunal did not give up and kept moving forward to achieve his goal.

He then thought of setting up his own business and started the discount coupon book company ‘Money Saver’ in 2009. Under this, people were given some discount in eating, shopping etc. in restaurants by selling coupons, but in a year and a half, the target of selling 1.5 crore coupons was stuck at just 53.

After which Kunal along with his friend Rohit Bansal started Snapdeal in 2010. Which at that time provided online coupons and deals. Initially the results were not good, but gradually the response started increasing.

After that he went to China in 2011 to learn the nuances of e-commerce and was stunned by the success of Alibaba Group. He then made several changes to Snapdeal which proved to be successful for him.

And today Snapdeal has around 4 lakh sellers and more than 30 million products, serving 6000 cities in the country, which not only earns crores of rupees but also has provided employment to many people. In this way, Kunal Bahl has achieved this position with his hard work and sincere dedication, from which everyone needs to take inspiration.

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