The best friends are books

The best friends are books

The best friends are books,
There was a girl – Sonia He spoke very little, far away from fighting and quarreling, he does not even ask a teacher in his class.
That’s why everyone knows him as a shy girl. Although there were other shy girls in his class, but because of his calmness, it was only Sonia who was a shadowy person, whose image was emerging. His parents are also concerned about his nature. Sonia’s father was the official authority. He was not only in the office but also in the society. He was worried about Sonia’s nature, but she thought that perhaps it would be her ancestral quality. Because he himself was very shy in the beginning, and could later
become vocal.

When the hesitation of going downstairs did not leave Sonia’s chase, her mother’s anxiety increased. Because people say Sonia to a simple girl, mother understands that she wants to call her dumb and stupid. One day Mascara’s mother said to Sonia’s mother in a satireful tone, ‘Sonia’s mother, take this thing seriously. It is not a good thing to be shy of the girl.
Today’s world does not allow any innocent girl to live happily. Show it to a psychiatrist If there is no atmosphere of discussion, writing and reading in their home, their children are not like this, but in your house. ‘

No-no, no such thing, children have their own nature. It will be faster even further. ‘ By saying Sonia’s mother wanted to avoid Kajal’s mother. They did not like the talk of Kajal’s mother.

The more restricted she was to speak in her class, the more she was clever in studies. This thing was known to the teachers as well as the teachers of his house.
Most of the girls in the classroom are less in meditation, more in other things. Even in the classroom, they do less and less of the studies. They keep copying their teachers and teachers. Out of these girls, Neeru, Border and Fountain became Sonia’s friends.

When the teacher stood to write a question on the black board, the boundary and Niru began to extract a long tail of paper from their beds. When the children stood up to answer the question of the teacher, seeing the paper’s tail behind them, the whole class was shocked. Sonia thought it was bad, but due to her shy nature, she could not complain. However, the teacher did not want Sonia’s friends to be silent. He was not hesitant to say good teachers even after all. So no teacher would ask him anything. Fearless of this, their mischief was further increased.

One day Sonia’s mother got her niru and fennel somewhere. Both of them started doing evil of Sonia, ‘Auntie, Sonia does not read at all.
When Sir asks him anything, he does not even answer. Just sit down crying. She does not even finish the school work, her ‘C’ comes in the test. He does not even walk properly through fear. He walks so slowly that he is too hesitant to walk He is very timid, aunt. ‘

Sonia’s mother told her father about her friends. Sonia was also there, but she did not make any repudiation. When the father saw Sonia’s report-book, he did not get ‘C’ grade in any subject. He brought good numbers in every subject.
After all, Sonia’s father invited Sonia to her and said, ‘Look daughter, you are fast in reading, your health is good, you are not less than anybody, then why do not you resist the silly talk of these girls? Do not be silent in front of them, explain to them that they are doing wrong, if you do not believe, then cross them.

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The best friends are books that show the way to move forward. While your such friends will never want you to brighten your name. Do not fear you, they are scared if they are. They fear that if you get good numbers, their pole will open.
What are you afraid of Neither did you steal or borrowed from anyone. Why are you afraid? You just have to be assertive, if you keep asking any questions about your studies from these friends, they will either be interested in reading or you will be away from yourself.
If someone says something wrong, then use logic. You have a stock of knowledge, then how can you feel? ‘

Father’s talk had a profound effect on Sonia. She said, ‘Papa, you understand that this is my last day of fear and hesitation. Now if someone would talk about me then I will see him.
In education, I am more than those girls, I come to speak more to them. One day I will show you something. ‘ The confidence of Sonia’s face was bursting. Sonia’s mother gave him

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