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The one who spoils someone is also disgusting

The one who spoils someone is also disgusting

The chief minister said, “This is a sign of a clear sign: If a Muslim should be disturbed in such a place where he is despaired and contemplated, then Allaah will disgrace him in a place where he wants his help and Helping such a place where its honor is being reduced and its perception is being done, then Allaah will help him in such a place where he will seek his help. (Abu Dawud, Book al-Adab, باب من رد..الخ, 4 / 355, Hadith: 4884

According to the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “When some people are worshiping a Muslim, they should also associate with them, and help them.”Allah will disgrace him in such a place where he will need his help. “According to Muayeee writes:) In fact, the punishment of this crime will disgrace him in such a place where he wishes to be honored. There is no respect for God, the merciful, the unbelievers, the worship of their idols is worship.

Honor your brother, humble yourself, humiliate yourself. It is common that you are in the world or wherever it needs help, the Almighty will help him, not only once but always.

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Sweet Sweet Islamic Brothers! We need not hurt a Muslim, do not eat anything, cheat him, do not make false allegations, do not press his debt

Do not occupy the land, do not poison in its domestic life, do not spread any of the problems, do not show any heart, do not do its evil behind the back, do not take fun of it by blasphemy. Do not stuck in its development and do not be impressed by spreading it into the people, because today we can do something with us tomorrow. On the contrary, if we protect someone’s honor, They will not betray you, will not cheat it, speak the truth, do not miss it, you will be happy about it, welcome it. We should also expect good you’ll have.

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