This is special on Diwali, so make up like this.

This is special on Diwali, so make up like this

Who doesn’t want to look special on Diwali. For this, women especially spend a lot of money to buy special sarees, jewelery as well as to enhance their beauty in the parlor. But rarely do women have time to go to the parlor and get makeup done. So why not try festive makeup at home this time, which will give you such a look that you will be covered.

Makeup Primer:
Despite the makeup, if the skin is to show glowing then apply primer. This will keep the glow on the skin even after applying the foundation, as well as your pores and skin will not be damaged. Not only this, the primer also helps in hiding the skin problem like wrinkles, fine lines.

Illuminator Foundation:
There are many types of foundations available in the market that give different finishes to the skin. Use the Illuminator Foundation for a festive look. Actually, there is a shimmer aid in such a foundation, due to which the light on the skin looks quite shiny.

Bold Pout:
Nowadays, though there is a nude shade in lipstick, but bold colors are perfect on the festival. Colors like red, plum, hot pink, maroon will make your pout look even better and make overall makeup perfect.

Bold Eye Makeup:
Do not hesitate to do bold makeup while doing makeup for Diwali, because such makeup looks good on festivals. Use kajal, eye liner and eye shadow and make your eyes more beautiful.

Use cream based blusher instead of powder blusher. This type of blusher will be a perfect match with your illuminator foundation and will not reduce the glow of your cheeks…

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