Three Rupees, Three Things Story of Akbar Birbal

Three Rupees, Three Things Story of Akbar Birbal

Emperor Akbar, looking at the sad face of a minister, asked the reason for his sadness. Then the minister said that you give importance to all important tasks by submitting Birbal.Which is why we do not get the chance to prove our talent. Upon hearing this, Akbar gave the minister three rupees and said that you go to the market and spend three rupees on three things equally … ie 1 rupee on everything.

But the condition is that-

The first thing should be here. The other thing should be there. And the third thing should not be here and there should be no.

The court took the money from Akbar for three rupees and left the market. He could not understand what he would do now. He started walking from one store to another, but he could not find any one who could give three things for one rupee according to this condition. He returned after tired and returned to Akbar.Now King Ashbar gave Birbal the same task.

Birbal crossed the challenge of Akbar the king in one hour and returned three things. Now Birbal has narrated the story of those things as follows.

The first rupee I spent on sweets which is the thing here in this world. The second rupee I donated to a poor fakir, which gave me virtue which means that there is a thing of ablution. And from the third rupee I played and played the game and lost … This was the third thing in the “Juve Hara Rupa” which was not my work here nor there, I would have been fortunate.

By listening to Birbal’s cleverness, the court also smiled with the court, and all considered their intelligence as iron.

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